Collateral Support and Pricing Oracle Information (V1)

Definition of Collateral

Collateral represents assets used as security for a loan or other obligation. In the context of our V1 protocol, our protocol supports ETH, stETH, and rETH as the primary collateral types. We may consider expanding the list in the future to include more Liquid Staking Tokens (LSDs).

About stETH

Read more about the Lido ecosystem and its stETH receipt tokens at the following link:

About rETH

Read more about the Rocket Pool ecosystem and its rETH receipt tokens at the following link:

Oracle Selection and Reliability

Chainlink will serve as our primary price service oracle. Chainlink is well respected for its robustness and reliability, which will serve an important role in the ERD protocol.

In the unlikely event where Chainlink encounters disruptions, all transactions associated with the ERD protocol will be rolled back until the oracle is restored and normalcy is reinstated. Such disruptions could be due to:

  • Chainlink price feed has not been updated for over 4 hours.

  • Chainlink's response is compromised – it either reverts, delivers an incorrect price, or provides an invalid timestamp.

  • A price deviation of >50% occurs between two consecutive Chainlink price updates.

Ownership of Collateralized Asset Income

Any interest income generated by the underlying collateral remains entirely with the user. At no point will the protocol claim a stake in this income.

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