Testnet Tutorial

Access our testnet at: https://app.erd.xyz/.


1: Add and Switch to the Goerli Testnet:

A drop-down menu will appear in your metamask. On the menu, click on “Add network” at the bottom.

Click on “Add a network manually”, this will open a form where you can enter the details of the Goerli testnet.

In the form fill in the following details for the Goerli testnet:

Click on “Save” to save the network.

After adding the Goerli testnet, it is listed in the network dropdown menu. Click on “Goerli Testnet” to switch your MetaMask wallet to this network.

2: Get ETH test tokens

For ETH test tokens, you can obtain them from:




Trove Management

1. Getting Started

Step 1: Click "Test" in the upper right corner to claim test tokens.

Step 2: Add these tokens to your Metamask wallet.

2. Open Trove & Mint USDE

Step 1: Click "Mint" to see your USDE and collateral balances. Create your Trove here.

Step 2: Review Trove details, including Total Debt and Collateralization Ratio.

3. Adjust Trove

Step 1: Click "Mint" to view balances and adjust your Trove.

Step 2: Modify your collateralization ratio by adding or removing collateral.

4. Close Trove

Step 1: Click "Mint" and locate the close option for your Trove.

Step 2: Repay all borrowed USDE to close your Trove.

Stability Pool Operations

1. Deposit USDE

Step 1: Click "Deposit SP" to deposit USDE.

2. Withdraw USDE

Step 1: Access "Deposit SP" and choose the withdraw option.

Step 2: Complete the withdrawal from the Stability Pool.

3. Claim Deposit Rewards

Step 1: Use "Deposit SP" to claim rewards.

Step 2: Collect your deposit rewards.

Protocol Functions

1. Existing Trove Liquidations

Step 1: Access "Liquidate" to view outstanding Troves, sorted by liquidation risk.

Step 2: Choose Troves for liquidation.

2. Redemptions

Step 1: Click "Redeem" to start the redemption process, remembering potential redemption fees.

Step 2: Specify the USDE amount for redemption and confirm.

Protocol Health

Under "Statistics", view protocol metrics such as TVL and Total Collateral Ratio.

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