Stage 1

  • Audit: Enlist 3-4 auditing firms to review the system's security.

  • V1 Mainnet Launch: Deploy the initial version on the mainnet.

Stage 2

  • Dex Listing: List on exchanges like Curve, Uni, and Balancer.

  • Liquidity Protocol Applicable: Integrate with Aave's lending/borrowing system.

  • L1 to L2: Expand from L1 to L2 and include in GLP (GMX’s LP token) assets.

Stage 3

  • Audit of V2 version: Enlist 4-5 auditing firms to review the system's security.

  • V2 Mainnet launch: Deploy the updated V2 on the mainnet.

  • Introduce multiple collaterals: Add collateral support for blue-chip ERC-20 tokens like WBTC, LINK, and UNI.

Stage 4

  • Off-chain applications: Develop off-chain tools to expand product use.

  • Withdrawal: Expand withdrawal methods to users' preferred wallets or exchanges.

  • Deposits: Introduce deposit channels using both fiat and cryptocurrencies

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